Injections such as Juvéderm®, Volbella®, Voluma® Radiesse®, & Restylane® are non-surgical treatments and are used to reduce and smooth out deep facial lines and provide volume to targeted problem areas.

Treatments are quick and easy, offering results that are immediate and lasting. Fillers are most commonly used for:

  • Naso-labial lines (smile lines)
  • Lip border definition & plumbing
  • Cheek & chin augmentation
  • Brow contouring & lift
  • knee rejuvenation
  • Filling acne scars
  • Lower eye lid hollowing & tear trough
  • Hand rejuvenation by restoring volume
  • Contouring of nasal bridge & jaw angle
  • Marionette Lines (drooping of corners of mouth)
  • Volume restoration (e.g. hollow cheeks)

During your consultation, your doctor will decide which filler is right for you.


Kybella® is a FDA approved injection to remove fat under the chin (submental fat) & improve the contour of the upper neck. Kybella® reduces fullness under the chin by dissolving fat cells. Kybella® has proven to offer beautiful contouring results without the need for surgery.​

Kybella® is injected using a very fine needle. The entire process is relatively quick, taking about 15 minutes to complete. For optimal results, you may require a series of two to four treatment sessions, depending on the extent of your needs. Once the fat cells dissolve, the results are long lasting, if not permanent.