As we age, our body goes through hormonal changes. Diet, stress and environmental factors also take a toll on our body. Hormonal imbalance and stress can affect the chemical balance in the brain, leading to fatigue, insomnia, cardiac disease, depression and anxiety. Long-term stress also leads to exhaustion and “brain fog”. You may no longer feel like yourself and have difficulty enjoying life.

It is important to achieve optimal wellness in order to subdue stress, reduce the risk of illness and ensure positive interactions. To do that, we need to identify multiple causes that contribute to our well-being or lack of it.


The most common causes of fatigue include thyroid dysfunction,hormonal imbalances, low iron level, vitamin deficiencies, depression and insomnia. Proper identification and treatment of the cause will restore energy.

  • Vitamin B12 Deficiency
  • Vitamin D Deficiency


Hormones are essential for emotional stability, mental clarity, muscle strength, bone health and your physiologic function.  Replacing and balancing hormones is a key part of maintaining health and wellness.


During initial consultation, an extensive health evaluation including detailed history and physical as well as comprehensive laboratory tests and an EKG are performed.  A detailed history is also taken for presence of depression/anxiety symptoms. The lab panel includes:

  • Complete blood count with differential
  • Complete metabolic panel including kidney and liver tests
  • Thyroid & Cortisol levels
  • Vitamin levels
  • Iron level
  • Inflammatory Markers
  • Cholesterol level
  • Test for glucose intolerance/diabetes
  • Celiac/gluten panel
  • Women/Men’s Hormone levels


During your follow up visit, we will review and discuss your lab results and come up with a customized treatment plan to optimize your overall health and wellness. As part of our plan, we discuss ways to reduce cardiovascular risk factors. We will discuss diet and exercise and initiate medical therapy as necessary to control your blood pressure and cholesterol level. We also identify pre-diabetes/glucose intolerance and implement early therapy to prevent development of diabetes.

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