Executive Physical Wellness Exam

Executive physical is designed to help busy entrepreneurs and executives such as yourself receive premier wellness exam and preventative care so you can maintain a healthy lifestyle as you age.  As executives, you run a busy schedule so it is easy to overlook your personal health.  We design a comprehensive wellness check with your time in mind.  Your exam will be customized to meet your needs based on your risk factors, family history, gender, age and personal goals.

Here at Concord Clinic, we believe that a healthy executive team drives a healthy business.  We offer your company flexible wellness plans so that your team members can also benefit from a yearly comprehensive exam to optimize their health.  We also offer personal and group coaching for nutrition, wellness and stress management.

Your evaluation beings with a confidential and comprehensive medical history form that you will complete and submit before you arrive for your appointment.  Your physician will review your past and current health issues, family history, medications, social life and immunization records and make a detail note of all your concerns.  Your physician will then spend time addressing all your concerns at the time of your visit.  You will have a thorough physical examination followed by an EKG, and a full range of screening tests based on your personal needs.

Your comprehensive exam also includes assessment of your potential risk of developing life-threatening diseases so we can identify those health problems early and initiate the treatment as soon as a diagnosis is made.  It is also equally important to prevent health problems from occurring.  That is why we take time to identify those risk factors and help you minimize or eliminate them.  We will also help you work on maintaining your well-being by focusing on nutrition, fitness and stress management during your visit.

At the end of your visit, your physician will review the full report of your test results, discuss the next steps and equip you with the information you need to take control of your own health.


Our standard executive physical is efficient yet complete and includes the following:

  • Heart and cardiovascular screening and tests
  • Comprehensive laboratory tests/Cancer Screening
  • Thorough scans to identify budding health problems
  • Spirometry to determine lung function
  • Audiogram to assess hearing as well as full eye examination
  • Stress management & nutritional counseling
  • Immunization review and consultation for health risks related to international travel
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