Concierge Medicine

From Dr. Roya Azadi, Founder & Medical Director at Concord Clinic:

Welcome to Concord Clinic Concierge Medicine, where every patient is treated as “VIP” and receives exceptional care with highest level of service during every encounter. This includes having ample time during the office visits, easy and direct access to the physician, and receiving comprehensive and convenient health care.

Why did I decide to practice concierge medicine?

Outside influences such as insurance companies and government agencies have managed to insert themselves between doctors and patients.  This means that doctors run incredibly busy schedules, are less available and have less time with patient at each encounter.  Patients find it hard and often impossible to speak directly to the doctor.  Many patients also choose to be seen by urgent care clinics because they find it hard to schedule an appointment with their primary care physician for acute care visits.

As a concierge patient, you will get one-on-one time with me without being rushed. We will be able to go beyond basic, give you all the attention you need, take time to talk about your acute and chronic health concerns, and get all your questions answered. You will receive the prompt and attentive care you deserve.

You will also receive a yearly personalized wellness exam that is customized based on your medical history, risk factors and genetic background.  This includes comprehensive health screenings and diagnostic tests to help detect serious diseases earlier.  I will discuss your test results in detail to help you better understand them and work towards improving your health.

Reasons to join concierge medicine practice:

  • High quality care with ultra-attentive service tailored to your needs

  • Convenience like same or next day appointments

  • On-time appointments with ample visit time

  • Direct follow up on labs and test results

  • After hour and weekend accessibility over the phone for urgent care needs

  • Prompt prescription renewals for established diagnoses without unnecessary office visits

  • No insurance co-pays or hidden charges at any time

  • Coverage for in-house labs such as urinalysis, strep throat and pregnancy test

  • Full coverage of office procedures including EKG, skin biopsies, laceration repair, joint injections, nebulizer treatments as well as vitamin B12, steroid and ketorolac injections

Concierge medicine model has been proven to work by putting the patient first.  Published studies have shown that the personalized preventive care approach leads to better health outcomes and can help keep you out of the ER and the hospital.  Also, studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals show less ER/urgent care visit and hospitalization by patients in concierge practices and better control of chronic conditions.

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